Audiology is the science of hearing . . . how it works, what happens when it doesn’t work, what can be done to help a person that cannot hear, and how to prevent hearing loss. .

The JAMP audiologist and our two certified teachers of the hearing impaired support students with hearing deficits in their academic environments, and collaborate with community audiologists ,physicians, educators, and parents within the eleven school districts which make up the JAMP Special Education Cooperative.

Audiology services for students in the JAMP Special Education Cooperative include free comprehensive audiological evaluations, tympanic screenings, and testing for auditory processing disorder. The Audiology Clinic houses a state-of-the-art sound suite provided by JAMP to ensure that our students receive free, appropriate, and advanced audiological care. The clinic is located on the Rustic Campus of Shawnee Community College.

The JAMP Audiology Department also supports and maintains the FM-sound systems which are located in most pre-k through 3rd grade classrooms throughout the JAMP Cooperative. Classroom audio technology has been used effectively to enhance listening and learning environments. The primary goal of the classroom sound systems is to provide a high level of speech intelligibility and to evenly distribute sound throughout the classroom. Research, validated by the U.S. Department of Education, is clear, consistent and conclusive…. all students benefit from classroom audio technology.