Behavioral Intervention Program

JAMP Special Education Services provides consultation for the following Behavioral Intervention Services:

  • Teacher in-service on behavioral or academic interventions
  • Individual consultation with teachers regarding classroom behavior issues
  • Assisting in the development and delivery of social skills or anger control programs for students.
  • Assisting with writing child-specific behavior plans/completing a “functional analysis”
  • Any other behavior issue or concern that may arise that has been previously addressed with building-based intervention team

For consultation in the area of behavior management, contact

Please remember:

All students identified as having an Emotional Disorder must have a functional Assessment of Behavior and a Behavior Management Plan as a component of their IEP (Individual Education Plan).

  • Any student with an IEP should have a Functional Assessment of Behavior and Behavior Management Plan if the student’s behavior interferes with IEP goal achievement.