CPI Information

The Non-violent Crisis Intervention Program provides techniques that have proven effective in resolving potentially violent crises time & time again. It begins by clarifying the basic elements of violent behavior. It proceeds to identify how a crisis may escalate and, conversely, de-escalate. Finally, it helps identify strategies which have proven successful for thousands of human services personnel throughout the nation.

The techniques you will learn will give you the confidence to handle literally any violent episode with minimal anxiety and maximum security. The training will help you prevent violence and safely intervene when disruptive behavior has gone too far. Most importantly, it will not damage the professional bond that you have worked so hard to establish with the individuals in your charge.

This training would be appropriate for all building staff, including cooks, custodians & bus drivers. Many schools have requested training for their entire staff. JAMP Special Education Services provides training and certification to its member districts in the area of crisis intervention and has done so for many years. To visit the Crisis Prevention Institute’s website click on the following link: http://www.crisisprevention.com/

CPI training is available to all member school districts and their staff served by JAMP Special Education Services

CPI Initial

  • intended for all new employees or anyone who has not attended a refresher course in the past eighteen months.
  • Generally a two day training

CPI Refresher

  • Intended for anyone who has been CPI certified within the last eighteen months.
  • A one day training