Transition Services/Step Program


The Secondary Transitional experience Program (STEP) is designed to provide supervised work experience for high school students with disabilities. The program is sponsored by the Department of Human Services and Division of Rehabilitation Services. Emphasis is placed on developing appropriate work-related habits and attitudes and on acquiring marketable work skills. STEP provides an opportunity for students to experience guided on-the-job training.

To participate in this school-to-work program, a student must be sixteen years of age (generally a junior or senior in high school) and identified as having a disabling condition that would create a barrier toward employment. The student may spend one or more hours of their school day at an established work-site training area. station. The training station may be located at businesses in the community or on training sites within the school district.

Students receive work related instruction in order to enhance their job training experience. Students participating in the STEP program earn school credit (s) toward graduation. Wages earned by STEP participants can be totally funded by STEP, partially subsidized by STEP and the employer, or paid in total by the employer.

The STEP program offered through JAMP Special Education Services serves the districts in Johnson, Alexander, Massac and Pulaski Counties.

The following are websites that may be accessed for Vocational Resources:

Assessment Resources